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Chicago, where the train ride starts Seattle, a favorite city Olympia, Sienna's home town Caspar, our home town San Francisco, our nearest big city Puerto Vallarta Chico, Chad's home town Woodfords Death Valley and Scotty's Castle Las Vegas, the belly of the beast Zion National Park Bryce Canyon National Park Grand Canyon National Park Santa Fe, New Mexico Taos, New Mexico Mesa Verde National Park Ouray and Redstone, Colorado Steamboat Springs, Colorado Rocky Mountain National Park Boulder, Colorado Grand Teton National Park Yellowstone National Park North Cascades National Park Olympia & Oregon Ashland, Oregon - Oregon Shakespeare Festival Gilead, Vermont Middletown Springs, Vermont Nantucket what have we posted recently? Inver Ness, Scotland Isle of Skye, Scotland Edinburgh, Scotland to Ireland Yeats Country, Western Ireland Dublin, Ireland Berwick, England Lake Country, England York, England Oxford, England London, England Conwy, Wales Wells, England Cornwall, England Brugge, Belgium Amsterdan, Holland Paris, France Loire Chateaux, France San Sebastian, Spain Santiago de Compostela, Spain Oporto, Portugal Coimbra, Portugal Salema, Portugal Sevilla, Spain -- where we were on 9/11 Costa del Sol, Spain Granada, Spain Barcelona, Spain -- Antonio Gaudi Dali Country, Spain Cassis, France - French Riviera Cinque Terre, Italy Siena, Italy Firenze, Italy Ancona, Italy -- ferry port Athens, Greece Thessaloniki, Greece -- Balkan home port Crete, Greece -- Mediterranean island culture Venezia, Italy The Luberon, France -- Provence
Welcome... the online journal of Rochelle Elkan and Michael Potts, joined at times by their children and friends, of their sabbatical 2001 European and 2002 North American travels.
In June, 2001, I wrote "As we travel along, so will this site (as long as the technology holds out...)" I should have thought to say "and global politics stay stable." Our european trip was meant to have an wintertime African sidetrip, but the world changed, and we came home for Christmas.
Our feet started itching again in March, and we went to Mexico to visit family and explore the area around Puerto Vallarta. In May we headed out again for a tour around the Western States. And we'll end up our sabbatical year with a trip to Nantucket and Vermont.
Direct access to the most recent updates will always be found on the latest news page while the itinerary will show where we've been and where we think we'll go next.
Regions of the trip map denoted by little diamonds (above, showing our approximate or accomplished itinerary) are linked directly to related pages if the pages have been posted. As we travel, write, and take photographs, we'll add more regions to the map so you can ...
Travel along with us!

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