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Caspar, California
a Sunday Walk in May
feet, keep on walkin' feet, keep on walkin' feet, keep on walkin' feet, keep on walkin'
It was a perfect, clement day, May 20th, when we set out for a walk from our home in the middle of the village across our precious headlands and down to Caspar beach

Looking back up the deer trail we followed onto the headlands, we could barely see our house and the steeple over the top of the tall grasses. The cows have been gone for two years now, and the more delicate wildflowers are making a slow comeback. Already, in May, some of the grasses are turning silver-brown.
tall grasses, our house and the steeple just visible

wild flowers and timbers at the old roundhouse site
We emerge from the tall grass at the site of the old roundhouse, where ties and timbers are slowly being reclaimed by low-growing wild flowers.

Rochelle wants to know, what is this orange grass on the lower headlands?
mystery grass on the headlands

surfers and Caspar Beach
From the bluff top, the surfers look tiny in the gentle waves. This is such a perfect beach for all kinds of people. Fewer than 50 folks on the beach feels comfortably uncrowded.

Along the bluff-edge, lupine and broom brighten the path. Osprey slope-soar over their grove, wheeling lazily and enlivening the air with their conversation: "Catch anything?" "I caught a whopper... but he got away..."
flowers beside the bluff-top path

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